Diary of a Nanoer

Dear Diary

Day 1 – Off to a slow plodding start today, that’s good right? No point in writing all the words out of my brain on day one??? – 950

Day 2 – So I am obviously not as young as I thought I was, a 1 am finish makes me very grumpy and there is not enough coffee in the world to make me human before 3pm – 266

Day 3 – Oh, that’s where that plot bunny went and seriously where did my MC find all her Sass, she wasn’t supposed to be this… this …. Snarky – 662

Day 4 – o.k this is bad. I keep writing myself into corners with no hope of escape. I’m calling in the big guns and rewriting this chapter.(also helps that I’m home alone today) – 2543 (Best day so far)

Day 5 – well it was good while it lasted. I’ve got this… I’ve got this, so everyone keeps telling me anyway – 426

Day 6 – found where that plot bunny went… Yes – 1130

Day 7 – so that plot bunny lead me down a rabbit hole I wasn’t expecting and did nothing for my story – 0 (yes today is a failure)

Day 8 – O.k chapter 2 is starting to look good. MC is still snarky, but the best friend smooths it out… she also provides coffee – 722

Day 9 – o.k I probably could have written more but …. Look at the numbers. Mwahahahahhaha – 666

Day 10 – Chapter 2 completed and it didn’t completely suck. Stumbling over chapter 3, seems a little hard to make the ideas stick. On a plus side, West Auckland Write in was a success … had two people turn up – 1136

Day 11 – I am a machine … Home alone – Chapter 3 completed, chapter 4 doing my head in, 1/2 way through chapter 5. Great day all around… I think I can actually do this – 2776. (just for a laugh. When I hit a total of 11,111 words, I glanced at my word count for chapter 3 and I ended it with 3456 words)

Day 12 – Out to South Auckland for a day of writing, food and good company. And of course word war number 69, which of course meant… smut. Dusted off the back story and added lots more words to it. I even won a word war, which was impressive in its self – 3071. Wordiest day in my Nano history.

Day 13 – o.k so It appears I used up all my words over the weekend. Why is this so hard – 0

Day 14 – digging through the sludge and I seem to have run out of puff… the dreaded mid month doldrums have struck. I resorted to doing a word war by hand and managed 200 odd words. Going old school helps some days – 442.

Current nano total – 14790 words. And only 10210 behind target.

Yikes… need coffee and or alcohol stat.



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