Welcome to Vlentary.  May your journey be full of fun and wonder.  Please keep your arms and legs inside the ship at all times and I hope you took your motion sickness tablets… this ride could get a little bumpy.

This is the story of the Minytaur family, of far away Worlds, Gas Giants and wonders never seen before, the Purivan Magnostorm, Lithevian smugglers, and that pesky wormhole that appears to have started this mess.

This Series is currently a work in progress.  The proposed Order is;

EarthDancer – A New Beginning. – A novella – First draft – 10 Chapters completed –

Novella - First Draft

5% Complete
2,579 of 50,000 words

Crystal Dancer – Dancer Series Book 2- Planning & Outline in Progress

WarDancer – Dancer Series Book 3 – Planning in Progress

WaterDancer – Dancer Series Book 4

SunDancer – Dancer Series Book 5 – Possibly a Novella – Planning in Progress

StarDancer – Dancer Series Book 6 – First Draft – 21 Chapters completed –

First Draft

38% Complete
113,000 of 300,000 words

FlameDancer – A novella Book 7 – Fan requested idea – Planning in Progress

ShadowDancer – A novella book 8 – Fan requested idea

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