Diary of a NANOER – Part 2 – Trade Winds Ahoy

My plod through NANOWRIMO continues

Day 14 – slogging through the doldrums, which appear to have been transformed into peanut butter and I am a turtle attempting to stampede through it – 442

Day 15 – Halfway mark of the month. Halfway to word count? … No. Halfway through the novel … No. Halfway to losing my marbles? Already done that … 1369

Day 16 – URGHH … Why did I decide this was a good idea. I hate writing. 1253

Day 17 – Insert random head desk gif … 922

Day 18 & Day 19 – PING WING INKLINGS Getaway aka: Operation Blackjack and Hookers. 6 people left Auckland… 6 people arrived in Mangakino with copious amounts of alcohol. Lots of shots and giggles… not much writing – 770 Day 2 proved that coffee can fix anything and being hungover does wonders for your word count 🙂 Wordiest day in history – 3345

Day 20 -Well… today didn’t suck and proves that I can actually write on a Monday… despite what my previous Monday’s have been like. So close to the 1/2 way mark. 768

Day 21 – Finally hit the halfway mark… thank god. Wait… what do you mean it’s not the 15th of the month… DAMN IT. Need at least 2500 per day to finish on time – 2531 – chapter 9 done. Danni is still sassy and it’s rubbing off on Jess

Day 22 Still needing at least 2500 to finish on time. I wonder if I tell myself I need 3k if I’ll get it.- 2073 – Chapter 9.5 Done. Same chapter as 9 but from Alix’s point of view… man does he talk.

Day 23 – the day I asked a simple question in a chat room full of writers …. And got a million different answers.
All I asked was: What sound does a takeaway coffee cup make when placed on a coffee table. What I ended up with was:

  • Lady_Talia: does the takeaway cup have an air pocket at the bottom.
  • Me: umm?
  • Jester: a soft thump
  • Sci_nerd: it is barely a thump
  • RedWolf: a tap
  • Nikoo: is it empty or full
  • Me: seriously? Where did these questions come from… why did I ask this in the middle of a word war/sprint. Coffee cup is full
  • Redwolf: a low tap
  • Me: finally a consensus … low tap it is
  • Nikoo: or a clunk
  • Me: come on… I’d already decided
  • Me: A clunk is too loud it has been placed so it doesn’t wake someone up
  • Sci_nerd: I agree with Stardancer it’s too quiet to be a clunk
  • Sci_nerd: a thud might work
  • Me: a thud is louder than a clunk
  • Me: going with low tap
  • Nikoo: You could clunk or thud if you wanted to
  • ME: Guys…. Its supposed to be quiet… not wake the dead
  • Sci_nerd: I was thinking a quiet thud
  • RedWolf: Clunk sounds too metallic
  • RedWolf: thud is still too loud
  • Niko: what about a swish? I’m thinking o the sound of the paper cup being slid across the table
  • Me: OH GOD, what have I released?
  • Redwolf: My boss called it a gentle thud and they heard it from inside

chapter 7 written and completed. The one where Alix and Westley talk … and share feelings. Oh. And drink coffee from takeaway cups that make a light tap sound when placed on a wood coffee table. – 2469

Word Count to date: 30339
Marbles lost – all of them
Plot bunnies killed – Ummm too many to count
Grey hairs – now that would be telling.


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