Plot Bunny Hunting & NANOWRIMO Preparation


It’s NanoPrep Season and I’m hunting bunnies, so be very, very quiet. Oh, there goes one. …(What happens if you finally met the literal boy of your dreams)

Yes, its that time of year again when millions of writers around the world start clearing their calendars for the November, stock up on Coffee, Alcohol, and enough snack food to feed a small army.
Planners start chasing plot bunnies in the vain hope of wrangling some semblance of an outline out of them, while Pantsers try and grab hold of as many as they can.

Me? I’m a Plantser. I have an idea that’s been around for a number of years. I was recently challenged to write something fluffy (I.e Mushy and with feelings) rather than just blowing up a planet to solve my MC’s Issues. So I dusted off an attempted romance with the working title of TWINS (O.k so 17 year old me was really bad at coming up with titles).

After blowing off the dust and cobwebs, I produced something so fluffy and sweet you’re in danger of ending up with cavities after reading it, but it kind of got me thinking about where the story could go. So for NANO, I am going to attempt to write 50k words of … fluff.
I have an outline, sort of, a cast of interesting characters, a love triangle, (Sort of), Meet Cute, Meet Odd, an Antagonist I already hate and no planets blowing up.

I also have the Auckland NANO group to keep me on track with write In’s, word sprints and musical incentives, as well as regular writing updates with a local group of writers – the PingWing Inklings.


I will endeavour to post progress updates on a weekly basis, however, I will apologise now for any sleep deprived and over-caffeinated ramblings.


Twins Blurb

Life has an uncanny way of throwing you under a bus just when you think you’ve finally worked it out.

After running away from her abusive ex, Danni finds herself on the opposite coast in Boston, catching up with her best friend and meeting the boy of her dreams… Literally.  She’d been dreaming about the boy for as long as she could remember and now he was sitting in front of her, looking as dumbfounded and lost as she did.  Apparently, the dream thing went both ways.

Normally the story would end in wedding bells, but life threw Danni and Alizaunder a curveball neither of them saw coming & Danni winds up finding Family, and the strength to fight for love.


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