The Earths Song


A warm summer’s breeze danced across the waves in time to a beautiful melody that seemed to come from the breeze itself. The residents of the street bordering the beach looked up from their work and listened to the melody that sang of shattered dreams and longing, silently cursing the hoons with their hyped up cars and blaring radios. Beneath the wharf, away from the glare of the street lamps, a young woman played her heart into the flute, watching the full moon’s path on the ocean and praying for a miracle. The shattered dream her flute sung about was hers. She had played here every full moon for six months and if anything was going to happen, it would be tonight.1

She finished playing, listened to the last note fade into the night and waited for a reply. The world seemed to hold its breath with her. As the night got deathly quiet, the residents drew silently to their windows and waited, not know what for. From somewhere in the distance, the first sounds of music found their way to the beach on a whimsical breeze and the young woman let them into her body to heal her broken heart. More notes rolled to shore on the smallest of waves. As they merged to form a breathtaking tune, figures rose from the oceans depths to stand on the moon’s golden pathway. Figures of immense beauty with silken hair of blond, Auburn and orange and eyes of emerald green, that sparkled like starlight. But the young woman only had eyes for the figure in the centre of the group, the object of her shattered dream. The man she had loved from childhood and the one who had been taken from her months earlier, by the King of the Ocean. As she locked eyes with her everlasting dream for the last time in this lifetime, he raised his arm farewell and sank beneath the waves again.

As the song reached its climax, the young woman looked at the remaining figures and realised that the Muses of the Ocean could not return her dream, but instead were giving her a gift more precious than love or life, the Song of the Earth. The song has vibrated from the deepest ocean trench to the highest mountain and from the humid rain forests to the driest deserts, since the beginning of time and would continue long after man has departed. It is the song of the hope, peace and eternal love, the caring for the departed souls and the ones left behind, and the rejoicing of each birth, as the world itself spins only to return to it’s starting place, so too does life and love.

The moon’s light slowly disappeared from the ocean’s top and the Muses sank beneath the surface as the song faded into the distance. The young woman had the love of the world in her broken heart, as she made her way back home and to life. She was one of the few chosen to carry the song in her heart, already the world was returning to normal. The people returned to their business, the memory of what they had seen and heard fading into the recesses of their minds, to be recalled only later, just before the death of the body, but the young woman would remember, forever.

One moonlit night, many years later, the young woman watched the moon dance across the waves again. She was an old woman now, and her life, nearly over, but she was not afraid. The memory of that night was still fresh in her mind as if it happened only yesterday, and the Earth’s song, forever imprinted on her heart, reminds her that she is never alone. As she softly closes her eyes and draws her last breath, a voice deep from her past whispers “Your dreams are still alive, your love alone, helped them to survive”. And another soul’s vibration mingles with the breeze to become part of the ever-growing Earth’s Song.


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