Transmissions from Vlentary – 10th – 23rd October – Lockdown Level Groundhog – The Lockdown Continues







Level 3.1415926535

Red Light – Green Light

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction and Ohhh Look… wormhole

Continue as you were, do not pass Go, do not collect $200


O.k so I’m mixing my idioms here but, I’m on day 62ish of lockdown, my Groundhog has given up and rinse and repeat is just making everything soggy…


Yes, our lockdown continues… We have just been told to expect to be locked down until the end of November.  Despite the bad news that we will have been in lockdown for over 3 months, the announcement has actually alleviated some of my stress.  I’m no longer holding out for some arbitrary date that may, or may not appear any time soon.  We have tangible targets and a way of tracking them.

Am I still frustrated about being locked in my house and being expected to work a full-time job as well as manage my child’s schoolwork, and not completely lose the plot when three of us attempt to have zoom meetings at the same time… Hell yes.  But I now have something to aim for that isn’t just a pipe dream.  I’m no longer grasping at sand as it slips through my fingers.  My mental health has suffered during this lockdown because there was no endpoint in sight. No Endpoint, no finish line, which when you are a competitive as I am… you need 😀


Now that I am settled in my head about the next milestone… my muse also returned (But of course she did …)


October So far …


  • I survived the school holidays, without duct taping anyone to the ceiling 😀
  • I managed to get two outings and caught up with a writing friend.  Yes, we were masked up and social distancing, but damn was it worth it.
  • My Muse came back 😀 … O.k so she’s playing ball enough that I can start writing again, but she is giving me some plotting ideas for my Zombie stories.  Some of which have left me wondering how I can pull them off in the story … 
  • I have also plotted out all my scenes up to the First Plot Point 😀 … just in time for NANO.


I haven’t progressed any of my other goals… I am taking the fact that I am up, mobile and functioning as a human as a win at the moment… anything else is a bonus 😀


Quick Update on Nyx

For those of you wondering …


Nyx is improving in leaps and bounds.  They have been transferred out of ICU and into a private room at Seattle Children’s Hospital.  Mum and Dad are able to share the room … and the stresses.

Their sense of Humour has remained well and truly intact and many a therapist has been sent away with their own homework… and one has even seriously regretted asking the question “What is the purpose of a Banana …”.

The sutures were all removed today, and the feeding tube is expected to be removed this coming weekend, and there is also a potential discharge date advised.

Nyx has been set goals and has consistently exceeded them with strength and determination far beyond their sixteen years. I’m grateful to be able to call them and their parents good friends… I just wish I wasn’t on the other side of the world. (Google Maps can’t even calculate how far away I am … LOL)


Looking ahead

  • With NANOWRIMO starting in 10 days (Cue PANIC MODE), my blogs will be switching to weekly as I document my planning, Panic and pyromania (when it all fails) as the month of madness progresses … hang on to your hats, it’s guaranteed to be a wild ride.
  • I’m hoping to get Zombie completely outlined to the midpoint by 1st November.
  • I’m planning on writing the remainder of DG&OWIS, however… with how disrupted this year has been so far, I am setting up Zombie so I can keep writing that one if all my ideas disappear for DG…

O.k Best go finish that outline… See you all next week.


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