Kiss, Marry, Kill – Outline

So, this story started out as a flash of an image.

Two people standing in a white living room, arguing with each other. The front door slams open and a third person stumbles in, clearly injured.

The first two people continue arguing with each other, as the third slides down the wall, leaving a bloody train and grumbles that “He’s still bleeding out here.”


The messy outline/ideas that evolved over the space of about a week


MC – Main Character

RM – Roommate

BFF – Roommates Best Friend

Doc – Friend who knows all three, but doesn’t know that MC & BFF know each other.


MC walks into the living room, and finds RM pacing the floor RM

“What are you doing here?”

MC, “It’s my house, I live here.”

RM, “Sorry, how long are you home for?”

MC “A week at least”

RM – “Fuck”


The front door slams open.

BFF stumbles in leans against the wall. “What are you doing here?”

MC, “Again. It’s my house, what are you doing here?”

BFF, “Apparently bleeding all over my ex-wife’s entranceway because my best friend is an arsehole”

MC to RM “You rented my basement out to him?”

RM “Come on, He needed a place to crash and it’s not like you guys were ever home at the same time.”

MC, “How long?”

RM, “Two years.”

BFF, sliding down the wall, leaving a smear of blood. “Still bleeding out here guys.”


MC calls Doc who arrives with industrial strength First Aid kit.

Doc, “Man, what did you do this time?”

BFF, “Someone brought a knife to a fistfight.”

MC & RM both facepalm

MC, “Where exactly did you leave Stabitha?”

Doc stares, “You named your knife?”

RM & BFF point at MC, “She named it.”

MC shrugs. “RM’s is called Slashley.”

Doc. “O.k sensing a story here. How exactly do you know BFF.”

MC sighs “Remember when we were spit balling a few months ago about the dumb things we did during or just after HS.”

Doc, “And you tried to beat my dumb shit by claiming to get married? I still call bullshit on that. No one in their right mind would date, let alone marry someone who can fuck you up 14 ways to Sunday without breaking into a sweat.”

RM & BFF “Hey…”

MC points at RM, “Dated him for 2 years.”

Points at BFF, “Married to him for 4.”

Doc, “You do realise Kiss, Marry, Kill ISN’T an Instruction Manual right??”

RM & BFF, start laughing… RM Stops. “Wait. Who did you kill?”


56,000 words later I have a novel… and a playlist from hell