Transmissions from Vlentary – 29 August to 11 September – Lockdown Edition 2: MIA Muse & Hunting for Flippers

September So Far.


Well, it’s shaping up to be a rinse and repeat of August, with a few extra curve balls thrown in for fun …

In a year where my WTF Bingo Card has included – Lockdowns, MIQ escapee’s, earthquakes & Tsunami’s, I have also managed to tick off, Flooding (including a bonus for miniature ponies evacuated to the second floor of a home for safety), a failed travel bubble, (stranding my brother in Australia for the foreseeable future), car seizures for money laundering and drug running & a terrorist attacked all within 5 km of home.  I’m hoping I don’t have to add anything else to this before there is some light at the end of the tunnel.


I’m currently still in a level 4 lockdown. The rest of the country is in level 2 and able to have some extra freedoms, still with restrictions on gathering numbers and having to wear a mask.  Auckland has a decision made about its level on Monday. Not holding my breath though. My son can’t go to school until level 2, so I’m predicting he’ll be home until after the next school holidays.

My Muse is still missing in action and I’ve got crickets where the plot bunnies used to be, and my TBR pile is still sitting on 499.  My moods are all over the place lately and I can’t seem to focus on any one thing.


Positives from the last two weeks.


  • My husband is making progress on the spice rack he promised to make me … 7 years ago. I may have it in time for Christmas.
  • Our game of 5000 is still ongoing.  The child is close to losing at -4570 points and we may actually finish it tomorrow.  Just in time to start another marathon game, this time Poloconomy.
  • I finally finished loading up all my products from Cozmic Creations. I need to do some additional product photo’s so might dust off my lightbox tomorrow.  Provided I can keep the kittens out of it long enough to get anything done.
  • I loaded up my new Nano Project into the website.  Rebelling again this year and writing DG&OWIS again.  I’m determined to finish it… Provided my Muse comes back and I’m not still in lockdown
  • My scardy cat kitty is finally getting used to all the noise of having three people confined to the home and doesn’t go running under the bed now.  I even managed to get an involuntary head boop out of him this morning.  Followed by a confused look as he tried to work out what he’d done LOL. This is from the guy that was abandoned at a young age and hates hands anywhere near his head normally.  The other one is living up to her middle name of trouble, and I keep having to pull her out of and off of all manner of places.  And rescue my orange rubber thimbles before she hides them.


Plans for the remainder of September


  • Slowly working through a couple of courses and hoping it sparks my Muse in coming back
  • Determined to clear at least 1 book off my TBR list this week.  I have another two stories in The Theatre of Nok-Mondu to read once I have finished my current book.
  • Opening up my Manuscript every day and trying to get some words down.


Current Projects:


Writing:  DG & OWIS – First Draft – 50,688 words (12 Chapters)

Drafting: – Redoing my outline for Zombie.  Currently up to the first plot point

Reading:  Rae of Hope – Book 1 – Chronicles of Kerrigan – WJ May

Courses:  The Creative Writing Project by Steve Alcorn


Here’s hoping I have a happier update in a fortnight.