Transmissions from Vlentary – 24th October to 11th November – Lockdown Part 6: It’s been 84 years … and NANO Oh No







Whoops, a little late on this one. Lockdown fatigue well and truly set in and there were days where I struggled to do more than stumble out of bed, log into work, and try to persuade the child that he really does need to do school work …

On the lockdown front… still locked within Auckland, but as of yesterday, we can now gather in groups of 25 people outside, so cricket training is starting today. YAY. We are all over being stuck inside these four walls — the husband packed the car yesterday morning in preparation or this afternoon.


October Update

Not a lot was completed this month.  I think I wrote a grand total of about 500 words …

I did have a couple of days sitting in the carpark while the child played with a socially distanced ad masked friend and I am now 16 handwritten pages into my outline for Zombie …

Unfortunately, that was all I managed to complete.  Reading and coursework are now on hold until December because …


It’s NANO time

Looking back through my older blogs, I realised the last time I did one of these updates, I was writing this same story … ooops. This time around I am actually hoping to finish it.

Follow along as I chronicle my descent into the madness that is … NANOWRIMO 2021.


31 Oct – Virtual kick-off party in progress since Covid restrictions put a hold on all in-person events.  Various Auckland Nanoers popped in with calls of “Haven’t seen you in a year.” “Don’t forget to do the Scrivener 3 update before midnight” & “Oh god, I have no plot… someone give me a plot”

1 Nov – 00:15 I decide I’m too old to do an all-nighter and take my tired butt to bed.  I have the day off work so I’ll be able to catch up on my word count later in the day.   Reader… she did not. 931/1667 words completed.

2 Nov – O.k I’ve recovered from the lack of sleep.  Day 2, I can do this.  I have an outline, I know what my characters are supposed to be doing. I just need to get through this awkward scene.  URGH, second-hand embarrassment is real. 90 words completed.  1071/3334

3 Nov – this is now getting stupid.  Took my characters out. gave them a shake and told them to behave. (and to stop embarrassing me) – today’s wording Gem – “Sage, he was dead on his feet. I doubt he could have found enough energized brain cells to think his way out of a wet paper bag. He had no idea what he was doing.”  Word count was slightly better today.  1631 – Total 2702/5001.

4 Nov – pretty sure today fell into a black hole and ceased to exist … 0 words – 2702/6668

5 Nov – FIREWORKS … and no, not in the story, unfortunately, managed to get 547 words into the next scene … and introduced the problem child to the mix – They reached the court a few minutes later, Wes swallowing a chuckle as Alix sat at the table with all grace of a rapidly deflating balloon. Crutches clattering to the ground as he tried and failed, to hang them on the end of the table.
Rolling his eyes, Wes bent and retrieved the crutches, knowing that despite the fact they were ice hockey players, at least four of their team members would trip of them in their rush to grab caffeine. – Total 3249/8335

6 Nov – urgh… slow going… but at least it’s going.  wrote partial angst … and my Main Character finally met the last person of the team… this started unravelling rapidly – 1208 words. Total 4457/10002 – this gap is blowing out…

7 Nov – another slowish day. The child had a friend over to run around and chase cricket balls in the back yard… and I had to go do peopling things… at the supermarket… ick.  754 Words – 5211/11669

8 Nov – back at work and another round of trying to persuade the child to complete his schoolwork… husband also decided to get sick so the parenting hat was on more than the author one.  Discord discussions today included – If you jump off the top of a three-storey building… is it a three or four storey drop? – 205 words – 5416/13336

9 Nov – The day I broke my own sprint record and wrote 442 in 20 minutes… at 11 pm.  No, I don’t know how I did it, and it may never be replicated again – 705 words – 6121/15003

10 Nov – Okay. managed to get the scene moving along and it is finally nearly done… at 4k odd words long… oppps.  I realised my issue was that I have previously written this scene from Danni and Alix’s POV’s, this version is from Wes’ and I was getting stuck on seeing things from his perspective.  I think I have finally got it clear in my head… as clear as mud anyway. 609 words.  6730/16670


So, I’m now up to needed 2164 words per day to reach 50k by 30 November.  Here’s hoping I find the roll shortly.

A quick lockdown update … The boy can go back to school next week … yes I have a bottle of bubbles chilling for this very moment LOL.  We also should find out when we can escape Auckland sometime next week… here’s hoping we can get away for Christmas.  Apparently, the grass at the bach is attempting to reclaim the house.