Transmissions from Vlentary – 1st to 4th July 2021

Camp Nano – July 2021 … What was I thinking?

In a year where disruption seems to be the keyword … I decided to dust off my attempted Romance for Camp again. I outlined it again between December and March and I think I have a cohesive story this time around. I managed to write 27,000 words during April Camp which was great at blowing out the cobwebs, May and June were slow going but managed to get the total word count to 45,000, and I finally got to … the first plot point
I’m still following my outline… it’s just wandered off and gained some quarantine weight.

I’ve set myself a target of 25,000 and trying to get to at least the midpoint by the end of the month.  At this rate, its looking like another 180k word story …  I tried to write short… Honest.

So strap in and enjoy the ride as I attempt to chronicle my further descent into writing madness.

1st July – What do you mean I’m supposed to start writing today? It’s End of Month for my day job, I have to help my son with his homework and I have a committee meeting this evening. It can’t be July already … 97 words written while sitting in a cold corner of the local RSA

2nd July – Up at a sparrows fart with heartburn. I can use the time to write words before work right? … What I didn’t count on was the single-digit temperature in the living room and feeling like I’d been hit by a bus … 167 words written.

3rd July – ummm, so the boys were up at 4 am to watch some European football, I had the bed to myself and got to sleep in. Made plans to adult for an hour after the boys went off to actually play football, then spend the rest of the day writing. All good in theory… I went out grocery shopping and came home with an 11-week old black kitten called Satin … to go with the 4-month-old black kitten named Magic that I picked up two weeks ago. Subsequently, no writing got done, unless you count the random DM’s sent by the kittens.

4th July – Okay, kittens have settled down, its damn cold, so I’m parking myself on the couch under the blankets and writing … 1278 words later, progress and I’ve finally gotten to ask the scene question… 3500 words into the chapter.

1537 words typed in total. Kitten cuddles for the win.

I will nail my word count next week … maybe.


The twin distractions …


Satin … asleep. Magic with his eyes open, using her as a pillow.

Both Kittens are rescues, and were fostered with the same foster mum while Satin came up to weight.  If you are in Auckland/NZ and keen to get a kitten or give an older cat a second chance at a forever home, check out:  9 Lives Orphanage – Facebook, or Website


I’m off to attempt to write around the 8 lots of toe beans currently invading my keyboard.