Transmissions from Vlentary – 12th to 25th September – Lockdown Level 3 – Just like Level 4 … but with fast food.












Slowly sliding towards the end of September, into spring and hayfever season, and the start of Preptober …


Technically, I’ve been prepping all year for NANO and October is usually about the time I start to panic that I haven’t done enough, and end up completely reworking all the prep.  Trying not to let that happen this year… will let you know how that goes. LOL


How September Shaped up


Well, Auckland managed to drop to level 3 restrictions this week, which is pretty much the same as Level 4, but with fastfood and cafe coffee.  We still can’t cross the border out of Auckland and no one can come in… although the guys with $100k and a trunk load of KFC certainly tried



Level 3 does mean we still can’t get down to our bach, so my writing getaway is still on hold. The child is still doing online schooling. One more week and then he’s on school holidays for two weeks. Fingers crossed we can actually get away, otherwise, it’s going to be a very long fortnight.


Writing didn’t happen again. My Muse appears to have taken up residence on an island in the sun, sipping margaritas.5


Reading hasn’t happened either. I’m currently waiting for my new reading glasses to arrive, (They were ready the day we went into lockdown.) Hoping that will make reading small print easier. I haven’t managed to make my arms grow the extra two feet currently needed.


September Achievements


  • All products are now uploaded to my Cozmic Creations shop. Hoping to get the last of the new product photos up in the next week or so.
  • My husband finished my spice rack … and now I need a third one.  OOPS.  Yes, I do actually use all the spices I own.
  • Finished reading about Chiastic Story Structure.  Check out the blog posts by KM Weiland here.  I discovered that the books of my Dancer series naturally feel into this pattern… now I just need to plan out the books.
  • Started doing some Roll-a-prompt writing exercises in an effort to coax my muse into coming back.  She hasn’t turned up yet, but I’ve had some interesting Character/Trait/Location?object/Scenario combinations.  Today’s one was a Fantasy Prompt, involving an abandoned Baby Troll, a Child with a fever, a cloak and a fork in the road.
  • Finally finished that neverending game of 500/5000 … only took 4 weeks.  Going to be starting Polyconomy this weekend.


October Plans

  • Running away from Auckland as soon as the borders open… yes my bag is already packed LOL
  • Going to be spending this month making sure the timeline for DG still works.  I reoutlined it a few months ago and I now have a few scenes happening out of order
  • Outline both Zombie and the first book of the Dancer Series to the end of Act 1, using the Chiastic structure.
  • Send DM off to an editor … yes, I found someone who is interested in helping me edit the 165,000-word monstrosity.
  • Try to keep my sanity while continuing to home school


Current Projects


Writing:  DG&OWIS – First Draft – 50,688 words

Drafting: Zombie Outline – currently up to the Inciting Event.

Reading:  Rae of Hope – Book 1, Chronicles of Kerrigan – WJ May.

Courses: The Creative Writing Project, by Steve Alcorn.

Blogs:  Archetypical Stories – KM Weiland.


Humble Brag Corner


Mermaids & Fae, but not as you know them.  Check out Dustbound and Siren’s Call by kiwi author Clementine Fraser

Football and Romance – Peyton Storm has a Novel – Hardpressed and a short Story – Home Bye Christmas.  

Jane Doesn’t Save the World – check out the book by Erin Grey, Author, Editor and fellow WFGC Member 🙂